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British chemicals production or resume growth

Views: () Posted at 15/09/25
UK Chemical Industries Association (CIA) economist Alan Eastman Witt said recently that the British chemical industry output in 2014 or an increase of about 2%. March 27 at a press conference in London, Islamic Witt said that although the overall production is still lower than in 2012, but in 2013 the British chemicals (excluding pharmaceuticals) production has increased quarter by quarter, 2014 for the United Kingdom chemical production increased in terms of realization should not be very difficult. British exports of chemicals very strong performance last year, chemical trade surplus. But he also pointed out that the British chemical industry (excluding pharmaceuticals industry) since the financial crisis has shown no real signs of recovery, one of the reasons is the high cost of energy in the country, which resulted in the past five years, some major chemical means temporary or permanent closure. The employment rate in the UK chemical industry since the financial crisis has dropped by about 25%.

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