Imformation About Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid is a strong mineral acid with many uses in industry.  Generally, the more industrialised a nation is, the greater the use of Hydrochloric Acid.  Hydrochloric Acid in its concentrated form is also commonly known as HCl, Muriatic Acid and Fuming Hydrochloric Acid.  All these names refer to essentially the same material.
Hydrochloric Acid has an interesting history which can be traced back to the Middle Ages when it was used by alchemists who were trying to trace the philosopher's stone. Large-scale production of Hydrochloric Acid was first developed around the time of the Industrial Revolution and today Hydrochloric Acid is one of the most important acids in industry.
Hydrochloric Acid is widely used in the chemical industry and in steel-making, where it is used to remove rust scale from iron or steel before it is processed.  HCl is widely used in the food industry, both for canning foodstuffs and in the manufacture of corn syrups and soft drinks.  Muriatic Acid or Fuming Hydrochloric Acid is also a key component in the production of PVC.  Hydrochloric Acid is found in many household cleaning products.