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sodium hydride for sale

Views: () Posted at 16/08/28

A very unusual situation occurs in a compound "inverse sodium hydride" called the Na + ions and H + contains. Na a alkalide is, and this compound is different from ordinary hydride an energy content is much higher due to the net shift of two electrons from the hydrogen to sodium. A derivative of this "inverse sodium hydride" arises adamanzane in presence of a base.

NaH is to promote widely to the condensation reactions of carbonyl compounds via the Dieckmann condensation, Stobbe condensation Darzens condensation and Claisen condensation used. Other carboxylic acids with NaH to deprotonation are prone sulfonium and DMSO. NaH is used to make sulfur ylides, the epoxides ketones in turn are used to convert, as proposed reaction for the storage of hydrogen in the Johnson-use Corey-Chaykovsky sodium hydride, for use in fuel cell vehicle, the hydride is enclosed in plastic pellets , the mass release in the presence of water hydrogen.

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