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Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd.

Provide Customized Products / OEM/ ODM according to your special requirements. Enquiry
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1. Q: What is the minimum order quantity of your products?
     A: 1kg by courier

2. Q: What is your payment terms?
     A:100% T/T in advance.

3. Q: What is your products sampling time and production time?
     A: 1). Sampling time: 7 to 10 days
          2).Production time: within 15 days

4. Q: How long is the delivery time?
     A: 1). Shipping time by vessel 2 to 4 weeks according to different destination port
         2). Shipping time by air 2 to 6 days

5. Q: What we should do if your products can not run well? 
     A: 1). Give us detailed report. Analyze the reason.
          2). If it's our problem and not possible to solve then we will give replacement.

Our Services

1. We can supply all our products to any part of the world through any means of transport, including airfreight, courier, seafreight.

2. We work closely with shipping companies/air lines to ensure the shortest shipping time at the lowest available freight.

3. We provide with quotations FOB China port or CIF to customers warehouse.

4. All enquiries and quote requests about our products will be replied within 24 hours.

5. All problems faced by our customers will be taken and solved promptly.

6. For any other Question, please send your question to our service Email:sales@base-chemicals.net


  Scott Alba, USA, order No.:SE806901 has been shipped.

  Peter Alexander, USA, order No.:SE806907 has been shipped.

  Darren Brown, GB, order No.:SE806911 has been shipped.

  Yehudi Ben, USA, order No.:SE806942 has been shipped.

  Xavier naidoo, ES, order No.:SE806939 has been shipped.

  Trevor Wright, IT, order No.:SE806969 has been shipped.

  Xavier Scott, USA, order No.:SE806949 has been shipped.

  Wythe Gino, FR, order No.:SE806937 has been shipped.

  Dick Gaby, DE, order No.:SE806958 has been shipped.

  Derrick, DE, order No.:SE807039 has been shipped.

  Xenos Timothy, USA, order No.:SE807136 has been shipped.

  Ximen Vern, USA, order No.:SE807145 has been shipped.

  Udeh Vernon, KR, order No.:SE807255 has been shipped.

  Ulrich Warren, KR, order No.:SE807265 has been shipped.

  Leif Stuart, MY, order No.:SE807368 has been shipped.

  Lynn Randall, MY, order No.:SE807439 has been shipped.

  Louis Patrick, USA, order No.:SE807440 has been shipped.

  Levi Matthew, USA, order No.:SE807521 has been shipped.

  Dana Lorin, USA, order No.:SE807611 has been shipped.

  York green, GB, order No.:SE807739 has been shipped.